The experience of shopping for a friend or loved one or looking for something new and fun for yourself is oftentimes frustrating, time consuming, and results in a mediocre gift or purchase.  You may even begin to wonder if you truly know the intended recipient or if you even know yourself.  Feelings of self-doubt, confusion, and moral ambiguity may arise.  Impulsivity, reckless spending, or poor judgment often result.  You may spontaneously increase your intended budget or buy something outlandish in an effort to ensure the recipient appreciates the gift or so that you can justify buying it for yourself.

This site was created out of the personal ethical responsibility we felt to strive to alleviate this affliction that is plaguing our once great nation.

We here at Didn’t Know I Wanted That cull the internet EVERY SINGLE DAY for the specific purpose of finding the most unique, entertaining, funny, and useful products that many do not even realize exist.  When we find a product that meets our criteria for entertainment and user value, we will post it here on our site.  We started this site in September of 2017, so we are still building our inventory.  However, we are averaging adding roughly 10 new products per day, so we hope you’ll check back often and continue to browse our growing catalog.

We view it as our duty to do the hard work for you and to provide a catalog of products to get the juices flowing for you.  While we would love it if you purchased something via our site, our primary intent and stated goal is to provide an entertaining browsing experience through an easy to navigate catalog of products and humorous and enlightening product descriptions.  Our hope is that by browsing our catalog, you will either find the perfect gift or product, or it will spur an idea that ultimately leads to your ideal purchase.

If you should happen to find a product while browsing elsewhere that you think meets our criteria of being entertaining, funny, or unique, please head over to “CONTACT US” and let us know what you found and we would be delighted to add it to our site.


This is an affiliate site.  You will find our official disclosure statement for Amazon at the bottom of this post.  We also list products from Ebay, Etsy, Share A Sale, and more.  Some of our products may also link to individual sellers.  We do not sell anything directly from this site in order to keep the user experience as simple and clean as possible.  This is an “ideas” site, not a store.


Browse our pages for your entertainment.  If you see something you like or that you would like to learn more about, simply click the image or the “MORE DETAILS” button and it will take you directly to the seller of that product’s page.  More often than not, this will be Amazon’s website.  From there, you can find out more info and specifications about the product, read reviews, browse for other similar items, or complete your purchase through the host seller.

As an affiliate marketing website, we get paid a small commission for referring potential buyers to the seller of the product if you complete a purchase on that site within a short time frame.  We view this as a small reward for doing the hard work up front of browsing thousands of products and culling the best product catalog of the most entertaining gifts and products for you, the user of this site.  We sincerely hope that you enjoy using our site and find value in spending some time browsing what we have culled for you.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!


The DKIWT Team


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Our goal is to provide a uniquely entertaining shopping experience by culling the most interesting and unusual products for your browsing and enjoyment.