Hey, let’s face it, cash is king. There is no better present than Grandma slippin some cold hard cash into some corny birthday card. Basically, grandma has no idea what the new-fangled youth of today like to do with their free time. If she did buy you a present, you would probably get a new pair of spats or an opera hat. So, like I said I would rather pick out my own suspenders than have Granny do it.

Granted, sliding a couple simoleons toward your grandson isn’t the most thoughtful gift in the world and giving cash is usually only a one way street. The gifting of cash is generally only social acceptable downward: kids, nieces, grandkids, great grandkids, etc. It is tough to look at the people who raised you and slide a cool $20 bill into an envelope and say, thanks for all the work, go buy yourself something nice.

Enter the gift card.

Now, for some reason, some animal came up with the idea of the gift card. The gift card is like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge that is trying to bridge the gap between slapping down a sawbuck and giving a nice thoughtful gift. Now, the concept of the gift card is a genuine one, my friend like’s Olive Garden, why not buy his next bottomless soup, salad and breadstick feast. However, this practice has really changed over the year. There used to be a burning of calories in the gift card market, you would have to think of a place your friend likes, drive to the establishment, and pick a value. A little more thought than cash, but not much.

However, now every major retailer has a bank of gift cards from Macaroni Grill to Bass Pro Shops. While I am at the store picking up some maple syrup and Dixon Ticonderoga pencils (the Cadillac of pencils by the way) why not pick up my friend a present for his birthday that was last Thursday. I don’t even know if my friend has a Bass Pro Shop in his town, but heck I am going to get him a $25 gift card so he can buy some new waders.

Enter and all its glory. It has brought gift giving back to where it is meant to be. With everyone on earth (literally) having a birthday, the specialness can get lost. I love getting gifts as much as the next guy, but sometimes, it is the thought that goes into the gift that is more special than the physical good. So, instead of picking out the gift for the person, let the gift pick out the person. Every time I browse the site I am inspired by the gifts and imagining the reaction of my friend opening the box.

Some recent examples:

My friend Brian. When I saw this DAD BAG FANNY PACK I immediately thought of him. Middle aged guy, just getting married and starting a family. Trying to catch up with his married friends in the physique department and condition that dad bod.

My friend John. When I saw this CARRY ON COCKTAIL KIT (COCK) I knew it was spot on for him. This dude thinks he’s James Bond, but does a fair amount of traveling. Never one to trust a flight attended mixing his drink, but always one to enjoy a smart cocktail. Prefers the Old Fashioned.

My friend Jason. Chef De Jour. There are numerous cook books online but none like I found on the site, such as 50 SHADES OF CHICKEN and WHITE TRASH COOKING.  He could definitely use a little spice in his life. Pun intended.

Or send THIS GIFT to someone you don’t like, always good for a revenge prank. And who said you can’t get a little pleasure out of sending a gift?

None of these people have birthdays coming up, but they will probably be getting some presents in the mail…and not gift cards.

What about you?  What reaction are you going for?  If you’ve browsed the entire catalog on this site and didn’t have any luck finding a gift for someone or yourself, head on over to “CONTACT US” and tell us what you wish was here!  Or, find some new friends that have a sense of humor…

Have any other good ideas or favorite gifts good for a laugh or raising of the eyebrows?  Let us know!  We are here for your entertainment, so help us hit the mark if we’re not hitting it with you.

Thanks for reading!  And thanks Casey Morgan for the post!

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