In all of these products listed on our site, at some point someone had an idea and thought “I’m going to make this and sell it.”  Personally, I’d like to meet the person who had that thought about this Girlfriend Body Pillow.

Who amongst you is doing exactly what you want to be doing with your life?  How many of us are just going through the motions, not really giving it too much thought?  How many of us are cursed with overly introspective and analytical minds and paralyzed with inaction or status quo lives as a result?

One of our goals with this site is to hunt for uniqueness, not just to provide it for you as a product, but to get both your and our wheels turning as well.  If developing this site was the end-state of our goals, we would not be very happy with ourselves.  This is an “ideas” site, with the hope of spurning more and a move away from inaction.

I will say that if I had the idea and came up with this Runny Nose Soap Dispenser and it made enough money (which it wouldn’t) for me to live in an oceanfront home with my family and surf my days away, I would be okay with that.

So it’s not really money is it?  It’s a combination of freedom and some sense of purpose or value in your life that makes the difference, but why is this so hard to discover and carry out for most people?

Browse our catalog, and maybe you’ll come up with some crazy idea for yourself.  If someone can decide to put baby shrimp in this ecosphere closed aquatic ecosystem or make this Sexy Banana Statue surely there’s an idea out there for the rest of us as well.

We’d be lying if we said there’s no mockery here on this site, not just of certain products, but of consumer habits and tastes, and hopefully that is obvious to you.  However, it’s still a form of flattery, right?  Somewhere behind that product is someone who can say, “yeah, but I made this and people are buying it, so the joke’s on you buddy.”  Particularly this Lightning Reaction Reloaded Shocking Game.  Clearly the joke is on you, but look how many reviews there are of this product.  Someone said, “I don’t care about all of the consumer protection laws and red tape I have to pass to get this to the masses.  I am going to build a game that literally shocks people and causes fear and discomfort, and they are going to like it.”  Well, that someone was right.

So, it only takes one idea, and we are working towards hundreds if not thousands of them on this site.  If we spend all this time perusing and amassing these products here for your browsing enjoyment and at the end of it all we have no ideas, then I don’t think we’re cut out to be entrepreneurs.  Maybe that’s my challenge to the user of this site if you have an entrepreneurial itch to create something yourself, we hope you can use us as a medium to generate some ideas.

Just think, toilets and lights already existed.  Someone just had an idea one dark night in the bathroom to put a light inside a toilet, and voila, they provided something incredibly useful and made millions in the process.  You can check out this GlowBowl Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight here.

Speaking of, if you’ve already decided to take action and have made something odd, unique, funny, or a must-have, let us know about it via our “CONTACT US” form and we just might feature it on this site for a wider audience and consumption.  Even if you didn’t make it, but appreciate the idea and it meets the above criteria, let us know about it and we’ll share it here and post it with credit to you.

Thanks for reading!

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